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In the beginning, there was Redbox…

Welcome one and all to The Tales of Redbox. Experience a rail-shooter thriller unlike any you’ve ever seen before, but beware. Before you see the light, there will always be darkness. The journey set before you will require precision, agility, and an open mind. Battle your way through the Minions of Chaos to face Bluebox and escape the hold she has over you.

The player enters a maze as the protagonist Redbox who, in order to regain his sanity, must fight his way to the antagonist Bluebox and destroy her. Use your mouse cursor to quickly navigate around the screen dodging obstacles and destroying as many Minions of Chaos as you can. Top your own high score, or compete with others to be named The One True Redbox. The first level will take five minutes to complete and will be followed by the boss battle which will be released on the full release of the game.


The game is currently in it’s alpha stage and has the option of going two routes. Based on the feedback received we will either 1) Create additional levels to be released over time with additional boss battles before releasing the boss battle finally 2) Release only the initial level and the boss battle finally. The competitive high score feature will not be available until the full release of the game.

I am looking for gamers to provide me with feedback about the experience you have playing the game. If you are interested, please email me at binloris.ttv@gmail.com telling me you’d like to help!

Available April 30


Hello Gamers, 

I will be launching the game's alpha in PC April 30, 2021. It will be available on Steam and itch.io FOR FREE! Heading over to Steam and adding the game to your wishlist would be very appreciated and help me a lot. Follow YourHeroRedbox on Twitter or Instagram to stay up to date and see what content is dropping next. You can also catch me most days on Twitch playing indie games by small developer teams or learning how to make and sell a video game. Happy to have new members join me on my learning adventure.


                    Kareem Hyver (aka: Bin_Loris)

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Updated Weekly

Available April 30