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Support the Azrou Tehaddi Association in enabling children and adults with special needs to receive an education or a working wage.   



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Organization Name: Azrou Tahaddi Association : for kids with special needs

Location: Azrou, Morocco

Website: Facebook Page: Azrou Tahaddi Association  

Project Background: Hello, My name is Kareem Hyver and I am helping my aunt, Rachida Elhari, raise enough money to pay the import tax on a passenger van donated to the Azrou Tehaddi Association from a foreign organization. The working van was donated to transport the children and adults with special needs in her care, but has been sitting unused in front of her home since 2016 and inoperable until its import tax has been paid. My aunt battled with the state for two years trying to get them declare the van as tax exempt so she could get it out on the road, but to no avail. I visited my aunt in October of 2019 and after hearing her inspiring story dedicated myself to raising the money for her.  

Many families in Azrou do not own a vehicle and typically walk to school or work. This however is not an option for some individuals who require a bit more hands-on attention. The Association is struggling to assist these individuals without help. In the last three years Rachida was able to raise only $1200 which went to school supplies, snacks, cloths, and sports gear. By donating to this cause, you are helping The Azrou Tehaddi Association and my aunt provide transportation to those who cannot walk or be left to travel alone. With your help the association can give children and adults with special needs access to education and suitable employment by providing them with the transportation required to get there.


Updates will be posted on GoFundMe as well as on Twitter and Instagram @LvLUpWorldNews. I, my aunt Rachida, and the children of Azrou thank you for your help and consideration.

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Funded Components: Import Tax and Duty ($6000), GoFundMe Processing Fees ($200), LvL Up World Partner Fees ($200), International Transfer Fees ($100).

Project Phases: (1) Shipment of the passenger van. (2) Begin Fundraising. (3) Pay the Import Tax for the passenger van. (4) Prepare van for transporting (5) Begin transporting enrollees.


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Projected Milestone Dates: (Phase 1) April, 2016. (Phase 2) April 30, 2021. (Phase 3) June 15, 2021. (Phase 4) July 1, 2021. (Phase 5) July 1, 2021.

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Organization Description:

The Azrou Tehaddi Association is a Non-Profit started November 1st, 2014 by Rachida Elhari after her handicapped son Chafik passed away. The Azrou Tehaddi Association is located in Azrou in the Ifran province of Morocco. The population is about 160,000 and it is primarily a drive through town between two of the largest cities Ifran and Fez. 

The death of her son drove her to create the Azrou Tehaddi Association to assist young people needing special care. The association has since expanded its offerings to adults and partners with local businesses such as boulangeries, patisseries, tailoring, as well as public works, to provide the enrollees with work, a steady income, and a way to contribute to society. The Azrou Tehaddi Association currently has 40 individuals under its care and hopes to continue expanding its reach. It believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest and for the last seven years has been doing its part to give children and adults with special needs the opportunity to live a life like that.

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