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Enable all gamers on your planet to effectively and responsibly impact the future of humanity by supporting the creation of LvL Up World.


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Greetings human,

My name is Kareem Hyver and in August 2019, I found inspiration for what I later named LvL Up World, The Crowdfunding Game. After working as a Market Research Assistant for two years, creating surveys and cleaning and formatting data all day, I quit my job and took a trip to Morocco where inspiration struck like lightening. The idea for LvL Up World began to grow after a conversation I had with my aunt who needed to find a way to raise enough money to pay the taxes on a passenger van donated to the organization she founded. Her organization provides care to children and adults with special needs enabling them to thrive in education and work environments.

I am in the process of creating the game’s demo which is expected to be completed by January of 2020. 

If you would like to support me in my mission to improve the planet using the power of entertainment, please click this link to Join LvL Up World, follow @lvlupworldnews on all social medias, and visit my KickStarter to donate. Receive access to the game’s demo in January 2021 where the battle between Joy and Doubt will take place in the name of human progress. Space is limited, so be one of the first 2000 explorers to participate in the battle between True Good and Necessary Evil that has raged on for longer than time itself. 

Your support shows me that my passion is not a waste of time. It gives me the strength I need to continue working tirelessly to bring something good into the gaming community, which continues to be a huge part of my life. I value your feedback and suggestions, and if you would like to help in other ways please message me on social media or email me at I thrive off feedback and communication and look forward to chatting with a fellow gamer. 

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