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The LvL Up World Partner Program was created to help spread the mission of LvL Up World to a community of gamers. By becoming a Partner you are telling the world that you are a gamer who wants to help make our planet a better place to live. Not only that, but as a Partner you are a leader in the battle for human progress. Your followers love and listen to you and believe in the choices you make. Inspire them to do good on our planet and reap the rewards LvL Up World has to offer! 

Partner Infographic.png

If you are approved as a Partner, you will be given your own town on LvL Up World to rule over as you see fit. In order to grow your town you must call on your followers to join LvL Up World and contribute to LvL Up World projects and play sponsored video games in the name of your town. The more followers you have doing this, the more competitive points your town will earn. At the end of each competitive season, winners will be declared and receive loot to be shared amongst their towns as well as awesome legendary loot for the town's leader… You! 

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