The first ever online video game arcade dedicated to crowdfunding the progress of humanity.

Learn more about the future of LvL Up World and what we hope to accomplish by watching the video above.

What is LvL Up World?

LvL Up World is the rift that lies between reality, and actuality. A digital realm existing since before the creation of time, where a battle between good and evil has raged on for control over the immense power LvL Up possesses.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. The leaders of the crowdfunding include Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo. The problem is, as of December 2019, the likelihood  of receiving funding for a project posted on Kickstarter was 37%. LvL Up World is here to help the other 63% of projects receive the funds they are looking for by solving some key issues.

What do you do on LvL Up World?

Come experience the digital arcade and compete for the High Score with a community of other gamers impacting the progress of humanity. 100% of the profits will go towards funding projects of your choice. All players are given the opportunity to interact with project creators by speaking with them directly or through survey feedback. Be rewarded points each time you play a game on LvL Up World that you can use to LvL Up and unlock legendary loot.

Is LvL Up World a Video Game?

LvL Up World is a hub for individual game designers and developers both new and veteran to introduce and distribute their game titles to a community of gamers doing what they love in order to impact the progress of humanity.

What is Hyver Works. LLC.?

Hyver Works. LLC. is the company behind the production of LvL Up World. It is headquartered in Soquel, California near the epicenter of Silicon Valley. provides the LvL Up World platform to share and explore projects impacting the progress of humanity through its website at Hyver Works currently consists of its founder Kareem Hyver and a crowdsourced group of artists and developers. Learn more about Hyver Works. LLC. by visiting

When is the first game set to launch?

Hyver Works LLC is in the process of developing the first game to feature on LvL Up World. All proceeded will go to funding a project proposed by the Azrou Tehadi Association: For Children and Adults with special needs


If you have a game you would like to distribute on LvL Up World, please contact Hyver Works.

Who can join LvL Up World?

Anyone with a device capable of connecting to an online browser can progress through LvL Up World.

How can I show my support?

Follow @lvlupworldnews on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with the latest company and story news. The LvL Up World Kickstarter will launch in February. Donate and receive in game items that will only be available to those who support the early stages of LvL Up World's development. Click below to sign up for the LvL Up World newsletter or continue to follow @lvlupworldnews on social medias.

If you or someone you know are looking to fund a project you believe would help progress the human race, no matter how big or small of an impact it may have, visit to learn more and become one of the first projects featured on


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